Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Done Jar

In my searching and searching and searching (we'll call it research) on Pinterest (yes, I'm always on there, and that's where all most of my good ideas come from), I found something called the "I'm Done" jar.  Well, I thought it was a great idea, so I made my own version!

I am working on my crafting (and think I'm getting pretty good at it), but I am certainly not the best out there!  But I love it and think it is so cute!  I found the jar at Walmart in the kitchen section for $1.97.  It is plastic.  There are plenty of different containers you could use for yours.  I definitely didn't want glass in case it got knocked over.  I found a Planters Peanuts container is almost exactly like the jar I bought, and was going to see about using it for something like this.  However, they are not dishwasher safe.  We'll just leave it at that. lol

I painted polka dots on it since that will be part of my new theme, but you can obviously decorate it however you want to.  I added some coordinating flowers I found at Hobby Lobby to the lid because I didn't like it plain and boring!  Those flowers are also being used on a lampshade that I am redoing, so they will coordinate.  I'll post pictures of the lampshade and a bunch of other things I am working on when I finish with them.

Now, obviously (I say that word too much, don't I?), the jar is for when students are done with their work.  You will always have those students who finish work more quickly than others, so this jar is perfect for them!  Rather than them interrupting you with that ever irritating , um bothersome, question: "What do we do when we're finished??", they can go straight to the jar.  There are popsicle sticks inside with different activities they can do.  I am still going to add more to my jar, but these are some I have so far:
  • Read AR (Accelerated Reader books--this is BIG at my school!)
  • Draw a picture
  • Write a story
  • Write a note to your teacher
  • Make up 5 multiplication/division/addition/subtraction problems
  • Make up silly sentences with your Robust Vocabulary (from our Harcourt reading series)
  • Practice your spelling words
  • Practice cursive writing
  • Make a list of adjectives/nouns/verbs
  • Go on Compass Odyssey (a program we use online) Lang. Arts/Math/Science/LA Extentions
  • Go on Kid's College (another program we use online)
  • Free Choice
You will, of course, need to adapt what you put on the sticks to what works for your class/school.  If you have any other ideas of what can be put in the jar, leave a suggestion in the comments!  Put what grades you think it would work for, also. Thanks!