Monday, June 11, 2012

2012-2013 Classroom Theme

I am so excited!  I just found what I want to use for my theme next year!  I already knew I wanted to do polka dots (can you tell I love them?), but I also need to somehow work our school theme, "Hollywood" into that.  I've been searching for a couple of weeks, and I finally found it!  I'm not telling ahead of time what it is going to be because I don't want anyone to steal my ideas ;).  I will post tons of pictures when I've got it all done though, and I won't care if anyone "borrows" my ideas then! (weird, I know.)  

I WILL, however, share some of the fabrics that I found the other day that I am going to be using.  They are so cute--I love them!

The first two are going to be curtains for my 4 BIG windows.  The dots will be the main part of the curtain and the stripes will be a trim at the bottom. 

 This one will be an accent fabric across the room from the windows.  I'll use it on open shelving to close them off and hide any mess I don't want showing!  

Since I am moving into a new room, I am going to start off right by having it 1) ADORABLE and FUN, and 2) NEAT and CLUTTER-FREE!  I am a very organized person (a.k.a. "neat freak"/"perfectionist"), and I am having a blast finding ways to make everything organized AND cute (mostly via Pinterest!) this summer.  I can't wait to get in my room and get started!

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